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Kang Lee Sheppard

    Kang Lee has been painting since the first grade.  Born in Seoul, South Korea, she earned her BFA in Asian Art and mentored under Master artists, earning many prestigious awards, and participated in many group shows before coming to the US for higher education.  After coming to America, she studied western techniques including oil, watercolor, drawing, sculpture, prints, silk-screen, and now pastels.  Her passion is to learn and experiment with all art forms.

She earned her MA and taught at the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, and Pikes Peak Community College.  Kang Lee is past president of Colorado Springs Art Guild, Arati Artists Gallery and Pikes Peak Pastel Society.

She is a Signature Member of Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and Pikes Peak Pastel Society.  She is a Member of The National Watercolor Society, American Watercolor Society and was member of Missouri Watercolor Society, and Louisiana Watercolor Society.  She is listed in Who’s Who in the West, 1998 and Who’s Who in the World, 2000

Kang Lee looks at the interplay of natural elements from a philosophical perspective saying, “Art allows me to communicate freshness and spontaneity, as well as expressing feelings, which transcend techniques in my painting.”

Kang Lee has won many international and national awards including; Merit Award – International Watermedia XIV at the Gallery of Contemporary Art at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, juried into the National Missouri Watercolor Society Exhibition at Winston Churchill Memorial Anson Cutts Gallery, and juried into the International Louisiana Watercolor Society Exhibition. Recently juried in the National Watercolor Society.  Her paintings are in collections around the world.  She is retired from teaching at the university level and is the founder and director of Sheppard Art Institute and So-Ahm Studio and Gallery.  Kang Lee’s paintings may be seen at Arati Artists Gallery in Colorado Springs as well as on her website

Artist website:

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