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Richard Williams


Richard Williams started his commercial art career with the Dallas Times Herald . . . then the Wichita Eagle. Next he came to Denver with an advertising agency and then to Colorado Springs as an animator with Alexander Film. He freelanced for 18 years and worked for Artists of the Rockies as Art Director. He is a retired Illustrator with the US Air Force Academy and a charter member of the Colorado Springs Watercolor Society.

Richard Williams was one of the ten founders of the PPWS. Dick has been painting all of his life, and enjoys plein air painting. He has continued to be an active member of PPWS, attending every meeting and presenting our demonstration at the August 21 meeting. He doesn’t have preferences in materials, but uses whatever will get the results he is after. He even employs a pallet knife to apply paint, scrape out highlights and objects, as well as using its sides to create linear effects. He is a master at painting quickly and often will do outdoor demos. Dick amazed us all with his free and quick-draw painting style.


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