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The relevance of paintings in our time


Art is the deepest expression of human creativity. Through its manifestation, art can also be considered a form of knowledge. The painters, for example, believe that, without wanting to, art speaks about our lives and determines us to find ourselves in it.

How do paintings can change our lives?

First of all, a painting can be a determining factor of dialogue, so a mark of sociability. For example, being conversing with someone, paintings can be a really interesting subject. Thus, we can make a friendship with that person, his statements, and his perspective about art by giving us information about his way of thinking.

Second, the paintings can help us understand and accept those around us and change our views on issues. For example, by the simple painting made by someone, we can interpret the psychic side of it, the feelings transmitted through that representation, the thoughts of the creator.

What role do paintings play today?

Now, you may be wondering: "Okay, it's one that art has helped primitive people evolve, but now, in 2021, when we have developed as a society, what's the point?"

As far as we are concerned, every painting means something to everyone, no matter in what form or to what extent.

These examples, among many others, represent art. We all need refuge from daily frustrations. Paintings can alleviate the blows of life. It can give us another perspective, and it can bring us closer to our fellows. It can make us temporarily forget about problems.

In conclusion, art, and namely paintings, in the daily existence of modern man, can draw attention to problems, give voice to the excluded, and can effectively solve problems in society. It also develops a person's appetite for beauty and can be a subject for meditation.

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