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Painting as a business


The activity of a painter combines elements of painting, inspiration, and pure art. Understanding the colors, the way the light affects them is essential to offer the client a professional selection of shades.

The person who wants to get involved in such a business must have skills in all these segments or the desire to deepen them. There are hundreds of books, in case you don't already know the art of interior decoration, both in bookstores and on the internet, helping you in your endeavor. Our article discusses especially the business feature of the activity of painter, not necessarily of art itself.

Important aspects of painting as a business

The first point is minimum start-up cost: business cards, portfolio, purchase of painting tools, low advertising costs, and possible registration of your car with the company name.

It's the kind of business you can start from home, part-time. Given that your activity takes place entirely "on the ground," you don't need extra space for the deployment of forces. Your room can serve as an office, and your garage as a storage room for painting tools.

Another advantage of the painting business is that you will be seen as an artist rather than a painter so that you can claim higher prices. Customers will make reservations for you, not for anyone else, as they will notice you "out of sight" as seriously specialized. Some may reserve a painting from you 4-6 months in advance! As a result, the client list is ensured.

How to use your passion as an entrepreneur?

People want to stand out, and you can help them. Furniture stores, picture frames, or auction houses will ask you for help to "draw" a suitable painting for their rooms. The owners want handmade paintings. Let them feel the art!

Important to know is that showrooms can be a good "market" for your art. For these activities, you will be rewarded accordingly. You can reach good amounts if you work efficiently.

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