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Jan Oyler

Gallery 1

    Jan OylerJan Oyler It is always intriguing to me why artists of all mediums create what they do. The viewer can speculate all they want, but it is the artists themselves who can best express what they wanted to say in their creation. When I paint, the subject may vary, but its expression is mine. The title that sums up a lot of my work is simply "Visual Joys". I find the world around me filled with simple to complex sights that arouse a special feeling that the sight holds for me and my love of color. This is what I try to express in my work. I hope the viewer senses these varied insights. My reflective manner of expression results in varied styles of painting, for I feel each situation demands a different approach to achieve the best results for what I want to say. This contributes to my eclectic style of painting. I have studied with various artists throughout my career and continue to do so. My education includes a Bachelors and Masters in art and art education from Marygrove College and Wayne State University, plus art studies at the University of Colorado, Adams State College, and private art lessons. My art career also includes teaching art at all age levels and experience for over 35 years and learning volumes from my students. I have exhibited my artwork in various shows throughout my career, and was honored with awards in some of these shows, but the actual painting is what I love most and I feel my work reflects this love.
Jan Oyler
Along the San Pedro
Jan Oyler Hillside Desert

Jan Oyler
Santa Fe Gate

Jan Oyler
Monument Valley Stream
Jan Oyler
Sunset AurA

Jan Oyler
Mr. and Mrs. Quail

Jan Oyler
Portrait of an Organ Pipe Cactus

Jan Oyler Chickadee Jamboree

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