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Through the Grapevine

Barb McAdams

Barb McAdams

Barb McAdamsBarb first became interested in watercolor years ago when her two children were small. She loved the immediacy and the quirks of the pigment and water. She has continued her studies under many local, regional and national artists since then, including John Salminen, Frank Webb, Thomas Owen, Ratindra Das and Mark Mahaffy.

Since she retired from architecture, Barb has been able to work full-time on painting. She is delighted to be able to "put paint on paper". A friend once asked her, "Have you noticed that a piece of you is in all your paintings?" She hadn't, but since then she’s been very aware of how personal painting is. In a very real way, she puts herself on the paper, whether the painting is of people, landscape or abstract design. She tries to capture the story, the instant, the piece of the earth – as it sifts through the filter of her experience. Above all, she tries to preserve the bright, fresh quality that attracted her to watercolor. 

Barb began her education with a BA from the University of Illinois and later completed a Master of Architecture degree at University of Colorado at Denver. Barb is a signature member of both Pikes Peak Watercolor Society and Colorado Watercolor Society and is  a member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America.

Barb McAdams
Wing Span
Barb McAdams
Rio Grande Gorge – Taos
Barb McAdams
Barb McAdams

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